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This is definitely a great app.

What really caught my eye was that the PBS Kids website provides a balance of educational content and interactive games that are designed to help children learn while having fun.
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fun educational games for kids!!!

PBS Kids programs are designed to help children develop important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, all while having fun; they are not only entertainment but also educational. Moreover, PBS Kids programs also provide varieties of online resources, including games and apps, that can significantly help reinforce the lessons or skills students learned. So, I think it is a perfect resource for parents and teachers who want to supplement their child's learning not only in-class but also outside of schools.
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PBS Kids Review

PBS Kids has a lot of education games and videos for children. I personally grew up on shows like Arthur, Word Girl, Cyber Chase, and other classics. I love the games for each of these games, and have found they are wonderful teaching materials. I also appreciate the inclusion of games like Arthur, that go beyond just school subjects, but life as well.
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Combines Learning with Fun!

The PBS Kids website is excellent for student engagement, and the plethora of show options are great for targeting different topics. For example, the Sid the Science Kid games and videos are more science-based, while Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood games and videos are great for teaching social skills like empathy and friendship. PBS Kids is a staple for early learning, and there are a lot of ways a teacher could implement the website in their learning.
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I love the teaching aspects of PBS Kids when it comes to what my grandkids watch on TV. So much out there children should have no knowledge of, but the clean wholesome learning/entertainment of this station is wonderful to have. My only concern is the Arthur cartoons, which are my grandkids favorite, you all are replacing too many of the visual episodes with podcasts. My grandkids are definitely visual little people, so they lose interest after listening for a minute, so can you put more "new" visual episodes as you do podcast episodes?
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Fun/Creative Resource for Children

Growing up, I used to watch PBS Kids all the time mainly because my parents encouraged me to. As a grown up, not only do I realize that PBS Kids allows kids to learn by having fun, but it also encourages them to expand on what it is being taught in the classroom. Having a deep imagination is important for children and PBS Kids makes sure to incorporate imagination in their games. Since there are so many genres of shows and games, it would be best if a parent/teacher is there, at first, to guide any student with their learning.
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This is a helpful resource

PBS Kids is a website that is designed for children and offers a wide variety of educational games, videos, and activities. The website is easy to navigate and has a clean, user-friendly interface. The games are engaging and educational, and the videos are high-quality and age-appropriate. Overall, PBS Kids is a great resource for parents looking for educational and entertaining content for their children.
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Colorful, Enjoyable, PBS Kids holds up to its reputation.

PBS Kids is a very reputable network. A teacher does not need to worry about the content that is being provided to their students. Though it may not serve a lot of educational purpose in terms of variety, it is a great tool to use for free time that the students may have after completing work. The fun factor of the website will very much grab their attention, and perhaps motivate them to look forward to the time on this website.
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Great interactive tool

I think it's a great tool that can be used inside and outside of the classroom. This visually appealing colors and the organized information make it a great tool
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Fun for the kids

I like how they are able to turn tv shows that children watch on tv into games that help them learn. I remember how fun it was as a kid to play games with some of my favorite characters from tv and how I would want to keep playing more, even if it was a learning game. It is a good way to get kids to learn.
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