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Awesome photo sharing tool!

Cons: Teachers have to be careful about students searching freely the site because some questionable material pops on. Probably best to use with high school students. Sometimes it takes a long time to load. Pros: Great source to understand the Creative Common license, finding resources on public domain, and great tool for researching material for different subjects. Photo editor has filters and correction tools, helping you eliminate cosmetic flaws. There is a help forum to post questions and read answers.The FAQ helps you with basic information about how to navigate the site, how to share, organize and view pictures etc. Flickr has an App that facilitates photo uploading and sharing.
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A great place to locate photographic images

This is not a teaching tool. It is a great resource to find images. It is difficult for the students to understand the different restrictions associated with the pictures. I would like to see this bettter explained in easy terms.
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