Help little kids understand big ideas with our fun, friendly characters!

Arms, Legs, Guts, Feet, Heart, and Head: Our beloved digital citizenship characters help younger students connect with our fun lessons and sing along with their favorite songs.

Today, we're helping kids get to know our friendly characters even better with our brand-new "Meet the Digital Citizens" videos and activities. Each lesson plan connects one of our characters to a foundational digital citizenship concept—in a way that's easy for little kids to understand.

Just like always, these new lessons are completely free, along with all of our resources for educators. C'mon by and meet the Digital Citizens today!

Balance digital life like Arms!

Young kids probably use tech more than we realize: for entertainment, learning, and to connect with friends and family. Arms helps kids learn how to make healthy choices to find balance between the things they do on- and offline.

Be cautious online like Guts!

Having access to tech comes with its own set of responsibilities. Guts helps young kids learn how to stay safe online and what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

Think before you share like Feet!

What we do and share online leaves a trail and tells a story of who we are. Feet helps young kids learn about their digital footprints and how to know what things are safe to share online.

Be kind to others like Heart!

It's important that we practice the golden rule, whether we're in person or online. Heart help young kids learn about community and how to practice kindness when we use tech.

Be an upstander like Legs!

Maintaining a positive community takes a lot of work, but it is always easier when we work as a team. Legs helps young kids learn how to support each other and navigate the conflicts that might come up when we go online.

Follow your curiosity like Head!

The online world is full of information, and it is the perfect place for us to learn more about the things that interest us. Head helps young kids learn how they can explore their interests online and how to respect others' work.

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