10 Great Free Apps for Elementary Schoolers

It's hard to narrow the list of great apps for elementary schoolers out there; there's certainly no shortage of options! Here are 10 free elementary school app recommendations hand-picked by our editors and chosen for their quality and versatility. We've made sure there's something for just about every need. Use these apps with students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade to help them hone their social skills, tell stories, use their imaginations, and get going on foundational ELA, math, social studies, science, and arts.

Khan Academy Kids

Creative, smart mix of activities for pre-K to 2 is a breath of fresh air

Bottom Line: This early-learning standout offers scaffolded, creative learning of foundational skills.

Grades: Pre-K–2

HOMER: Fun Learning for Kids

Early learners explore fun activities to gain literacy skills and more

Bottom Line: Top-notch phonics program effectively coaches students, but lacks some standard features useful for the classroom.

Grades: Pre-K–2
Free to try

TinyTap - Kids' Learning Games

Book-and-game builder empowers creativity, boasts vast content library

Bottom Line: With some patience and planning, this game maker can be a classroom game changer.

Grades: Pre-K–5
Free to try

Artsonia Kids Art Museum

Online art museum empowers students to exhibit, explain their work

Bottom Line: A time-tested digital art museum where students can share work, reflect on their artistic process, and help teachers assess artistic concept comprehension.

Grades: Pre-K–12


Drag-and-drop programming is an effective intro for budding coders

Bottom Line: With a little adult help, this is a rich platform for getting kids into programming and digital creation.

Grades: K–2

Epic! - Kids' Books and Videos

Free, expansive digital library unlocks treasure trove of books

Bottom Line: This large collection of books and videos on a wide variety of topics is an easy -- and free -- enhancement to any classroom library.

Grades: K–5
Free, Free to try


Versatile digital portfolio appeals to teachers, students, and parents

Bottom Line: A powerful multimedia learning and communication tool that demonstrates student progress over time.

Grades: K–12
Free, Paid

Plum's Photo Hunt

Photo-finding missions get kids out to explore and enjoy their world

Bottom Line: Inspiring photo-hunting missions are wonderful outlets for creative expression and easily prompt deeper exploration.

Grades: 1–4

Shadow Puppet Edu

Resource-rich video slideshow maker a gem for a variety of classrooms

Bottom Line: Easy-to-use free tool is a must-have for elementary classrooms; just keep an eye on sharing and privacy.

Grades: 2–12

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