TOPIC: News & Media Literacy

How can I be a critical consumer and creator of news and media?

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It's essential that students learn to think critically about the news and media they encounter every day. Students will demonstrate the ability to identify, evaluate, and use information effectively, find credible and trustworthy sources, and give proper credit. They will recognize how individuals and society are influenced by the media and the misrepresentations and stereotypes they sometimes promote. Students will reflect on their responsibilities and rights as creators in the online spaces where they consume, create, and share information.

Our Instructional Approach

Beyond Credible Sources

The current world of news media -- both internet-based and otherwise -- requires students to have a critical, but not cynical, eye. Our lessons seek to help them develop a critical lens, but not by disavowing the knowledge and experiences that they already bring to the table. Personal experiences can help students stay critically engaged, particularly when the source is social media or a news outlet with a particular point of view.


We all have our favorites when it comes to where we get our news and entertainment media. And these favorites can reflect who we are: our personality, our gender, our cultural background, our age. The goal of these lessons is to help students find and use their favorite news and media sources more effectively and critically. Our lessons address this issue without creating or implying a hierarchy of credible news sources. When students are affirmed in their choices -- and in who they are -- they are much more likely to grow and learn.

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