Grade 2

Putting a STOP to Online Meanness

What should you do if someone is mean to you online?
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This lesson meets standards for AASL and ISTE.

The internet is filled with all kinds of interesting people, but sometimes, some of them can be mean to each other. With this role play, help your students understand why it's often easier to be mean online than in person, and how to deal with online meanness when they see it.

Students will be able to:
  • Understand what online meanness can look like and how it can make people feel
  • Identify ways to respond to mean words online, using S-T-O-P

Lesson Snapshot

  Estimated time: 35 mins.
What Is Meanness?
10 mins.
Online vs. Face-to-Face
5 mins.
STOP Meanness
15 mins.
Wrap Up:
Pause & Think Moment
5 mins.

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