Grade K

Pause for People

How do you say goodbye to technology when you don't want to?
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This lesson meets standards for CASEL, AASL and ISTE.

Whether it's watching TV or playing on a tablet, using tech can be super fun! Often, kids find it hard to transition from an online activity to an offline one. Teach your students a simple routine for how to manage those inevitable digital interruptions that are part of everyone's lives in the digital age.

Students will be able to:
  • Learn why it's important to be aware and respectful of people while using devices.
  • Learn the Pause, Breathe, Finish Up routine as a self-regulation strategy for transitioning from technology to face-to-face interactions.

Lesson Snapshot

  Estimated time: 30 mins.
See You Later, Tech!
5 mins.
Pause, Breathe, Finish Up!
5 mins.
Act It Out!
10 mins.
Pause & Think Moment
10 mins.

What You'll Need

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Video: Saying Goodbye to Technology Watch
Student Handout: Pause & Think Moment Student Version
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