Grade 7

My Media Use: A Personal Challenge

What is your strategy for finding media balance?

Most of us use a lot of digital media in our daily lives -- even when we don't realize it! Having a balance between online and offline time is important, but healthy media balance might look different for everyone. Help students create a personalized plan for healthy media use.

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Learning Objectives:
  • Make an inventory of their media choices and how those choices make them feel.
  • Brainstorm personal strategies for balancing media use.
  • Create personal guidelines for promoting healthy media balance.
Key Vocabulary: guideline  ·  inventory  ·  media balance
a set of criteria or piece of advice for how to do something
a complete list of items or actions
media balance:
using media in a way that feels healthy and in balance with other life activities (family, friends, school, hobbies, etc.)
Media Balance & Well-Being
This lesson meets standards for Common Core ELACASELAASLand ISTESee standards

Lesson Plan

55 mins.
Extension Activity:

Ask students to brainstorm features they would like to see in a screen-time tracker app, such as tracking and locking features, the ability to count phone pickups, a way to evaluate feelings, etc. You could take it one step further and have students design a media-balance app, drawing a prototype.

What You'll Need

Backpack or bag  
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Classroom resources

  • Lesson Slides
  • My Media Choices Inventory Handout Teacher Version
  • My Media-Balance Strategy Handout Teacher Version
  • Lesson Quiz

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