Grade 1

Internet Traffic Light

How do you stay safe when visiting a website or app?
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This lesson meets standards for AASL and ISTE.

Staying safe online is a lot like staying safe in the real world. Using a fun traffic light activity, students learn how to identify "just right" content, giving them the green light to learn, play, and explore the internet safely.

Students will be able to:
  • Understand that being safe online is similar to staying safe in real life.
  • Learn to identify websites and apps that are "just right" and "not right" for them.
  • Know how to get help from an adult if they are unsure about a website.

Lesson Snapshot

  Estimated time: 35 mins.
Go! Caution! Stop!
15 mins.
Internet Traffic Light
5 mins.
Traffic Light Game
10 mins.
Pause & Think Moment
5 mins.

What You'll Need

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Tape or long piece of string ·  Green, yellow, and red pieces of construction paper  
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Video: Internet Traffic Light Watch
Student Handout: Pause & Think Moment Student Version
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