See examples of how school districts are integrating digital citizenship skills into their classrooms and communities. Check out different models for planning, implementing, and evaluating digital citizenship, and get ideas for your own school or district. Learn how to empower students to be confident learners and leaders in the digital age. To see how to plan for implementation, including guiding questions and planning documents, see our framework for digital citizenship implementation.  

Jurupa Unified School District | Jurupa Valley, Calif.

In 2015, Jurupa Unified School District (JUSD) launched the Digital Gateway Initiative to put a Chromebook in the hands of every student in grades TK–12. With year-round access to the devices and integrated digital citizenship instruction, this extensive program expands learning opportunities and gives students and families a sense of ownership and responsibility for the technology.

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Lewisville Independent School District | Lewisville, Texas

Digital citizenship is integrated into the technology plan for digital learning at Lewisville Independent School District, where a focus on equity and access to technology led to a one-device-per-student initiative.

Montgomery County School District | Rockville, Md.

A large-scale urban district proactively tackled troubling trends of uncivil online interactions and incidents among students on their devices. Through Montgomery County School District's task force and bringing together stakeholders, today the district provides digital citizenship education to all students in grades K–12.

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Montour School District | Montour, Pa.

#MontourProud: It's a hashtag that represents an entire community's commitment to using social media responsibly and respectfully. And it's just one of the many ways the Montour School District has made digital citizenship a priority and empowered students, parents, and teachers to think critically and act responsibly online.

Omaha Public Schools | Omaha, Neb.

In 2014, Omaha Public Schools made a bold move to focus on increasing equity and access to learning technology for its students, a majority of whom are classified as economically disadvantaged. And with new devices came the imperative for responsible device use, which OPS was ready to face head-on.

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San Francisco Unified School District | San Francisco, Calif.

As part of their technology plan, San Francisco Unified School District is transforming classrooms into digitally rich, flexible, personalized learning spaces. As part of this goal, the district made digital citizenship a priority, first integrating into subject areas and now aligning with social-emotional learning initiatives.

Islington (UK)

London Borough of Islington, with a population of over 200,000, is one of the smallest districts in England -- but notably it has the highest population density of local authorities in England and Wales. The borough maintains 47 primary schools and 10 secondary schools, and has integrated digital citizenship with the computing curriculum.