Oversharing: Think Before You Post

New digital citizenship music video for tweens and teens reminds kids to be thoughtful about their digital footprints.

August 26, 2014
Darri Stephens Senior Director, Education Content
Common Sense Education

CATEGORIES Digital Citizenship, Common Sense Resources

Last fall, we debuted our first music video, Pause & Think Online, encouraging young kids to be safe, responsible, and kind offline and online. We were overwhelmed with the excitement from teachers, parents, and kids alike, and we busted with pride when classrooms rose to our challenge to re-create the video.​ Pause & Think Online has even made its way into a national PSA. 

Many of you immediately asked us if we had another music video -- one for older kids. We didn't, but now we do! We know that music is an effective way to reach kids of all ages; however, we also know that middle schoolers are a particularly savvy audience. So we turned to the lyrical masterminds at Flocabulary to help us. And together, we have co-created a new digital citizenship music video.

Just in time for back to school, we're thrilled to introduce Oversharing: Think Before You Post. The 40 lines of verse and accompanying animation capture the ups and downs of posting online, emphasizing how tweens and teens need to be aware of how others might perceive their comments and pictures. 

“Yeah — Your digital footprint will stick with ya,

So stop and think before you post that picture!”

The "Top 10 Things to Think About Before You Post" is a fun and catchy way to remind kids to be thoughtful about their digital footprints now and for the future.

P.S. Adults might find the tips helpful, too!


Alonso Capoeira

Teaching kids to be careful on the Web is what has been required long time ago. In digital words even grown-ups often do not stick to this rule. For children following example can be very useful: you ordered homework online but you didn’t think on the safety issue: teacher or professor can easily track it on the web like by your name. Only a few sites as can be trustworthy, but what if you choose another? 

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Jess Waltzon

Telling our kids “the internet is evil” is a wrong strategy! As a fire or an electricity can be useful and harmful at the same time. For example adult sites or online games is need to be blocked on your PC for the web-safety of your child. The parents should understand- there are also useful services in wide web too. Educational sites for school students, encyclopedias, dictionaries, “Discovery” stuff etc

Neena Thomas
Classroom teacher
Central Square Intermediate School
Central Square, NY

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