Make students' mental health and well-being a priority.

Growing up has always had its challenges. But for kids today social media and tech have a way of amplifying the typical stressors of adolescence. Instead of simply telling kids to get off of their screens, how can we help them cope in realistic ways?

These free, back-to-school resources from Common Sense are a positive and accessible place to start. Our new Digital Well-Being lessons for grades 6-12 were co-developed with the Center for Digital Thriving at Harvard Graduate School of Education. And our new Device Advice lessons for grades K-5 are a great way to help young students build healthy habits with media and tech.

Promote a healthy start to the school year with our digital well-being resources:

New Digital Well-Being lesson plans for middle and high school

Building healthy habits around tech use can help your students avoid certain negative impacts on their mental health and well-being. Our new Digital Well-Being lesson collection was created using the evidence-based principles behind cognitive behavioral therapy. Use these lessons to help your students develop agency, reduce anxious thoughts, and increase their mindfulness around media and tech use.

  • Engaging videos, lesson slides, handouts, and activities.
  • Evidence-based interventions that are easy to implement in any classroom.
  • Research backed, and codeveloped with the Center for Digital Thriving at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

New Device Advice lesson plans for elementary students

Help young students build healthy habits for using tech in the classroom, and beyond! From device safety and care to active listening and avoiding distractions, use these quick lessons to create a positive culture for learning with technology.

  • Quick, student-centered video-based lessons with fun activities.
  • Opportunities for kids to learn and practice norms for using media and technology.
  • Support for modeling healthy boundaries with screens and devices.

More free resources for back-to-school

Looking for other helpful resources during the back-to-school season? We've got you covered. Use these articles and customizable templates to foster positive communication with families, support your own mental health and wellbeing, and lay the foundation for a fun, healthy, and successful school year.

Curious about our back-to-school and digital well-being resources for families?

Share our back-to-school hub for families with your school community. It's got practical advice for helping kids and teens manage media and tech during the transition back to school. Plus, learn more about Common Sense's Healthy Young Minds Campaign, and our work with U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy.