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Staying Safe Online with My Online Neighborhood

Topics:   Privacy & Security
Audrey Stokes | March 30, 2011

In today’s classroom, students should be taught that just as they should stay safe in the real world, they should stay safe when they go into the online world (visiting websites). This may be accomplished by teaching children to:

  • Not go on websites without a trusted adult’s permission.
  • Talk only to people they know.
  • Only go on websites that an adult says are okay to visit.
  • Following their family’s rules about the computer.

The animated video above, My Online Neighborhood, helps teach children just that!

My Online Neighborhood is a part of Common Sense Media’s comprehensive Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum. It introduces key concepts for students in grades K-3 and offers 3 important rules for being safe online.

Use this video in your classroom in conjunction with the lesson plans available at:

You may also find My Online Neighborhood on our YouTube Channel!


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