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How to Find Great Learning Resources for Your Students During School Closures

From using video to project-based learning, get recommendations on the best tools for distance learning.

Erin Wilkey Oh | March 16, 2020

Schools across the United States and the world are closing due to the coronavirus pandemic and the urgent need for social distancing. This leaves teachers and schools scrambling to figure out how to keep kids learning at home during this time.

Whether you're used to teaching with tech or not, transitioning to distance learning is a big undertaking. So many variables will determine your specific needs -- from your students' ages and access to technology, to the goals and expectations your school district has outlined for you.

While you're ultimately going to know which tools are best for you and your students, we're here to provide inspiration and support. We have thousands of reviews that dig into the pros, cons, and "how-tos" of each app, website, and game. To make sifting through these reviews easier, we've put together this collection of our most relevant Top Picks lists.

Getting Ready for Distance Learning

Communicating with Families

Core Subject Resources

Using Video

Collaboration and Discussion

Student-Led and Interest-Based Learning

Free Resources