Teacher Review for Puffin Academy

Effective, but Sometimes Inconsistent

Brad W.
Technology coordinator
Fort Couch Middle School
Pittsburgh, United States
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How I Use It
There are specific websites (i.e. iCivics, Pearson eText) that previously would not work on our student iPads. With Puffin Academy, these resources are now available, along with many other sources. The primary use for our teachers is with our older math texts that have online resources. Teachers are able to use this browser to deliver some of the pre-made online assessments that are a part of those textbook packages. There have also been a few other 1-time resources that we have successfully had made available on the student iPads via the request process for Puffin Academy, including Cells Alive! and iCivics. The major downside to this app is that it cannot be linked to from emails or an LMS like BlackBoard, Schoology, or others, which means that the first time finding a website, students will need to search within this app, which can be a bit cumbersome.
My Take
Overall, this browser can be effective in providing access to sites that typically wouldn't work on an iPad, but it isn't as efficient as we would all like. Given the need to search and find websites separately, it can cause issues for some students who aren't as tech savvy, but once in, some of the best resources available on the web can be made available again. Overall, I would suggest this app to anyone who is using 1:1, but with the caution that it can be frustrating at times due to these issues.