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Door 24 Plus
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Door 24 Plus

Targeted skills practice engages kids with fun robot theme

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Pros: Interesting robot story and mix of arithmetic challenges make games fun and engaging.

Cons: All activities revolve around the number 24, which could be redundant for some kids.

Bottom Line: Targeted arithmetic practice accommodates various abilities by letting kids start at any level.

The Teachers & Parents page has some excellent tips for using the game in the classroom and at home. Although some suggestions involve using the game in conjunction with another of the developer's products, other ideas are provided as well. For example, use the game as part of an activity center and have students take turns during center time. Or assign specific targeted activities for individual or small-group practice. Since hints are provided to help support kids, the game can also be used to introduce many concepts.

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As they begin this app, kids are greeted by Victor, the robot, who breaks down after exploring behind Door 24. Kids must then solve math problems to fix Victor's circuits. They can start at any of six levels of play: Each level includes three sets of multiple activities that increase in difficultly, and a Challenge set in which kids are given a number set and must find as many expressions as possible that are equivalent to 24. Activities have three circuits that must be fixed, and kids earn points for connecting the circuits. In one activity, for example, kids are given the addition symbol and must drag two numbers into place to complete the circuit with a sum of 24. All activities revolve around these circuits and the number 24, but they vary in content and include hints and a Math Review screen to help struggling kids. 

Kids can learn and practice a range of arithmetic skills covering such concepts as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, factors, multiples, order of operations, integers, and more. It's interesting that all activities involve problems that end with the number 24 as a solution. According to the developers, the number 24 was chosen because it has more factors that any other number between 0 and 48. The activities are good for targeted practice and align to several Common Core math standards related to algebraic reasoning and number sense. 

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Kids will be drawn in by solving the mystery behind Door 24, and engaged by the math challenges in which they add, subtract, evaluate exponents, and more. 


Each game level has three sets of problems that increase in difficulty, plus a challenge set. Each set of problems includes multiple activities that also progress in difficulty. 


Hints are easily accessible throughout the activities, and a Teachers & Parents section provides great tips for using the app to support learning. 

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