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App review by Christy Matte, Common Sense Education | Updated August 2013
Color Uncovered

Color Uncovered

Engaging ebook combines art with science in playful ways

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Arts, Science, Character & SEL, Critical Thinking

Pros: Cool optical illusions and surprising facts.

Cons: Could use links to web resources or other experiments on their site.

Bottom Line: Color Uncovered is a great way to enhance an art curriculum or to bring a more playful and artistic side to science.

This is great for independent work related to an art class, but also has topics related to physics, biology (physiology), and psychology. Use the individual pages as a springboard for more in-depth discussions, or bring in additional experiments from the Exploratorium website. Kids may be inspired to do further research in any one of the subject areas covered.

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Editor's Note: Color Uncovered is no longer available.

Color Uncovered is an ebook app from the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco. It explores a range of science topics related to color, including colorblindness, light refraction, optical illusions, the "feelings" of color, painting, and pigment. Each of the 18 pages introduces a new concept with an experiment or surprising tidbit of information (did you know that they used to make brown paint with resin from mummies?). The experiments typically involve optical illusions that highlight ways in which our eyes and brain process information and, although they aren't games, they are fun to share with other people. 

There is a lot of information packed into the ebook, and it's done in a playful and interactive way. Since it's a book rather than an activity app, it doesn't have some of the features you'd expect with educational gaming apps, but it also doesn't need them. Kids may develop an interest in subjects they may not have cared about or considered before after such an engaging introduction.

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This interactive ebook has kids asking why and how through a series of fun experiments they can do right on the device. It's not a game but kids may be inclined to share it with others.


The content makes kids look at the world in a different way while introducing some challenging science concepts.The experiments illustrate the science and are followed up by an explanation of how it all works.


The publisher of the app has a website with additional experiments for kids to try.

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Christy Matte Educator

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Jim P. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Melvindale High School
Melvindale, United States
Engaging interactive ebook, which can be relied on in for many uses.
After looking for a color resources that would give my students better information than some handouts that I had been creating on the computer, I can safely say that intergrating this app into my class, especially courses that focus on color, like Painting 1-2 have seen their comprehension of the scientific meanings grow. I now have a tool to use to create assessments from, as well as push students in the direction to use on their own time. The price point doesn't hurt either!
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