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Coach's Eye - Video Analysis
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Coach's Eye - Video Analysis

Robust video analysis for sports, science, fine arts performances

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Pros: Offers athletes, scientists, and fine arts performers inimitable feedback for self-reflection and improvement.

Cons: High and hidden costs in add-on tools and subscription fees; teachers need to be careful sharing videos since privacy defaults to public.

Bottom Line: Cool video-analysis tool is great for the sports field and beyond, but prepare for an onslaught of hidden costs to access all features.

Imagine capturing video of an action-packed school event -- a sports game, science experiment, a musical or theatrical performance -- then adding text and voice-over commentary, side-by-side video comparisons, or graphic overlays to offer students relevant and personalized feedback, all in slow motion or real time and with easy sharing. That’s Coach’s Eye.

This app is intended as an analysis tool for athletic coaches and their athletes to improve technique and physical performance. Record a pitcher's release, track the ball in slow motion, including the moment it strikes the bat, and use in-app tools to analyze body positions, diagram plays, and more. But consider other physical performers, too. Record musicians and analyze their technique to improve musicianship, or record actors and assess their technique to improve theatrical performance. Consider the motion of science, especially in physics. Imagine capturing experiments of Newton's Laws of Motion and using video analysis to explain inertia, acceleration, force, and more, all with customizable editing tools and easy sharing.

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The Coach's Eye video editor is like being your own sports broadcaster. It allows detailed, visual feedback thanks to powerful analysis tools and superior playback ability. Record video in the app or import clips from a camera roll in slow motion, real time, and frame-by-frame scrubbing (precise rewind/fast-forward). Find exact moments in a performance, tap Analyze to open a variety of analysis tools, and then tap Record to capture your analysis. Layer drawings or text on the video, add voice-over commentary, and make side-by-side video comparisons. Then share as a YouTube URL via social media, text, or email.

Know that settings default as Public, so toggle to Unlisted to protect student privacy. Video files are huge, and there’s limited storage in-app, so be poised for subscription fees to accommodate a team's worth of video.

Dynamic analysis drives Coach's Eye through captured video analysis and feedback to improve performance. It allows athletes to watch themselves in variable speed, with graphic and audio overlays, to learn after the fact and with Coach’s feedback. But it’s a powerful teaching tool off the sports field, too. Think of the other coaches in our schools: musical and theatrical directors, teachers, and administrators.

The analysis tools and record/playback interface offer feedback on any captured video with a level of exactness beyond any other built-in video player. So consider analyzing a physics experiment or a musical or theatrical performance. The drawing tools look professional -- custom curvy and crisp arrows, circles, boxes, and so on -- but use a stylus when writing for cleaner text. Robust toolkits and sports-specific, instructional videos are available for in-app purchase but tend to be pricey.  

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Powerful feedback tools for all types of athletes, performers, and performance-based activities make it fun to self-assess.


Easy screen recording and editing make an effective coaching tool. The app offers students unique ways to self-reflect on technique and performance.


Minimal in-app support is better on the companion website. Users will find greater functionality with in-app purchases.

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jesus m. , Postsecondary student
Postsecondary student
great tool when trying to breakdown things. I use this for sports and it works excellent when trying to show the students what they did right and what they could work on. We tend to learn better when we have a visual idea on what it looks like
I like that i can slow down things on the video and draw to present my point and have students understand better what im trying to teach. Visual aid always helps students see and understand better when it comes to sports or physical education.
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