This math tool is great for helping kids practice and build fluency. And since scores are tracked, it could even be used as an assessment. You could have kids complete a worksheet each day as a warm-up activity, tracking their progress and scores. Assign extra worksheets to kids who need more practice with particular skills, and wrap up a lesson or unit by letting kids play the games they unlocked with their UFO rewards.

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5th Grade Math Problem Solver  is a comprehensive math tool filled with grade-appropriate interactive worksheets that are aligned to Common Core math standards. Kids can earn points for answering questions, and the points build up to "UFO" rewards, which kids can use to unlock games. The worksheets have a built-in scratch pad for writing out calculations, and feedback for incorrect answers is nicely detailed with mathematical explanations. The parents' section is great for viewing progress reports, looking up a history of gameplay, and assigning homework. Users can register up to six players, which is nice for sharing devices.

5th Grade Math Problem Solver  is a content-rich resource filled with interactive worksheets and a handful of arcade-style games. Kids can use the app to practice skills while earning rewards to unlock the games. There are numerous worksheets organized into nine chapters, with topics including multiplication, division, algebra, fractions, and more. The questions within each topic increase in difficulty as kids make progress. Worksheets are scored, and once kids earn enough points, they get UFO rewards that are used to unlock the games. The games don't really have much, if anything, to do with math. However, they're a nice way to give kids a mental break after completing a series of worksheets.

The feedback for incorrect answers is excellent because it includes explanations to help kids learn from their mistakes. And if you are looking for a way for 5th graders to apply and practice Common Core math standards, look no further. The app is a great way to reinforce skills taught in the classroom and motivate kids to practice and become fluent in math.

Overall Rating


Kids will enjoy the space-themed graphics and the interactive nature of the worksheets. Unlocking the games is a great motivator.


Questions increase in difficulty, and constructive feedback for incorrect answers provides a great learning opportunity for struggling kids.


The app lacks an information section, but it's easy enough to figure out how to access and use all of the features.

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Debbie Gorrell Educator