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A professional resource full of videos from classrooms around the world that highlight educational best practices.

Robert L.
Classroom teacher
Spring Hill Junior High School
Akron, United States
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How I Use It
The Teaching Channel is a professional resource website of videos from classrooms around the world that highlight educational best practices. Teachers can save videos in the teacher workspace and make notes on each video. Each video have an objective and questions to consider that guide you as you watch the video. I used Teaching Channel for extra ideas on differentiating instruction. Teaching to the unique child is a best practice and also one of the areas evaluated on the Ohio Teachers Evaluation System. I wanted to really improve in the area of differentiation next year so I have been watching videos on that subject. One video had a great idea on making a learning menu. I loved the idea, but will change some of the wording (appetizer, entree and dessert) to make it fit my technology classroom.
My Take
Teaching Channel is a fantastic professional resource. The videos are real teachers and administrators discussing how they implement a variety of best practices. There are a variety of subjects, grades and topics to choose. Each video is relatively short and could easily be added to any professional development session. The teacher workspace is a great place to add videos to create a list of videos. It does allow you to select a date in which you would use the video in the classroom. Of the videos I have watched, none are classroom instructional videos to play for the students. There are some practices that may not use the best strategies. You do have to preview the videos and use those that meet the needs of your school district and classroom. Overall, Teaching Channel is a resource for teachers to gain knowledge of best practices to continue to grow professionally.