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Submitted September 4, 2020
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Stefan S.
Kerr High School
Houston, United States
Submitted September 21, 2020
Julia H.
Stephen Decatur High School
Berlin, United States
Submitted November 12, 2019
Submitted November 3, 2019
Submitted October 31, 2019
Melissa K.
Gov Thomas Johnson Middle School
Frederick, United States
Submitted June 17, 2019
Jeremy M.
Springfield Platteview Community Schools
Springfield, United States
Kathy B.
Harvest Ridge Elementary School
Saint Charles, United States
Frances G.
Metz Middle School
Submitted February 7, 2019
Eric J.
Olympia High School
Olympia, United States
Lori H.
Simley High School
Inver Grove Heights, United States
Bryan B.
Avon Grove Charter School
West Grove, United States
Ross P.
Reeves Middle School
Olympia, United States
Submitted November 5, 2018
David L.
Kanawha County Schools
Charleston, United States
Submitted November 10, 2018
Lori L.
Idaho Digital Learning Academy
Boise, United States
Submitted October 26, 2018
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Gilda G.
The Classical Academy
Escondido CA, United States
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