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Submitted October 27, 2020
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Lara W.
South Middle School
Lancaster, United States
Amy K.
Klein Cain High School
Houston, United States
Submitted March 27, 2020
Allison C.
Hannah Senesh Community Day School
Brooklyn, United States
darla w.
Lake Hazel Middle School
Boise, United States
Submitted August 11, 2019
kimberly b.
Trenton Catholic Academy
Trenton, United States
Agatha K.
East Hamilton School
Ooltewah, United States
Ron C.
Jefferson Middle School
Albuquerque, United States
Submitted March 19, 2019
James M.
Walter V Long Elementary School
Las Vegas, United States
Submitted February 28, 2019
Jamie S.
Madera Unified School District
Madera, United States
Submitted February 21, 2019
Angela A.
Chugiak High School
Chugiak, United States
Submitted November 15, 2018
Submitted October 9, 2018
Gaetano S.
Port of Los Angeles High School
San Pedro, United States
Annette K.
Snook Elementary
Snook, United States
Jamie H.
LeAnne C.
North Cook Young Adult Academy
Des Plaines, United States
Andrea L.
Palm Lane Elementary School
Phoenix, United States
Submitted April 4, 2018
Students Liked It88%
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