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Beth E.
Harmony School of Innovation
San Antonio, United States
Submitted August 20, 2020
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Paula B.
Oquirrh Hills Middle School
Riverton, United States
Elise O.
Elk Ridge Middle School
South Jordan, United States
Submitted July 6, 2020
Nathan Hale School
New Haven, United States
Submitted March 16, 2020
Stephanie J.
Haggard Middle School
Plano, United States
Submitted February 24, 2020
Elizabeth B.
Brookside School
Springville, United States
Submitted September 4, 2019
Aspen M.
Forest Hills Middle School
Sidman, United States
Submitted April 16, 2019
Katherine D.
Jordan School District
West Jordan, United States
Marco M.
Southwest High School
Jacksonville, United States
Nicole L.
Southwest High School
Jacksonville, United States
Submitted January 17, 2019
Jaimie H.
Southwest High School
Jacksonville, United States
Submitted January 16, 2019
William S.
West Jordan Middle School
West Jordan, United States
Beth B.
Brighton High School
Brighton, United States
Olufunmilayo G.
P.S. 138 Sunrise
Rosedale, United States
Julia P.
Jefferson Community and Technical College
Louisville, United States
Josh W.
Los Osos Middle School
Los Osos, United States
Submitted March 8, 2018
Cherie R.
Learners And Leaders
Ridgewood, United States
Submitted December 20, 2017
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