Teacher Review for Matific

very versatile, can be used among many ages

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How I Use It
This was great because there are different options for choosing games and lessons that go along with your state's curriculum. I was impressed to see that there were a few different options depending on where you live and what books you use. there is the option for the teacher to see what the student is working on as their doing it, and be there for assistance if needed. I like this because i feel like it gives the students a form of independence because the site is easy to navigate and there are plenty of games for each grade level.
My Take
I think that this is a great teaching tool for students and teachers to use because it lets the children have independence in the classroom, while the teacher can stand by and be there if they need help. I like how easy it is to navigate, and how easy they make it to find the types of games your looking for. Along with a description for each game, there is an estimated time that it thinks it will take you to complete it which i appreciate.