Teacher Review for LiveBinders

Nice organizational tool for projects and synthesis tasks

Kellie A.
Technology coordinator
Cherry Creek School District, Greenwood Village, CO
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Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Homework
Teacher-led lessons
Great with General
How I Use It
LiveBinders are one way to create synthesis tasks that mimic the tabbed structure of online assessments, like PARCC. While not designed with that in mind, the ease of adding web resources, video or audio content, and uploaded documents makes this a good fit for those types of activities. Essentially a collection tool, this would also work well for students as they gather web resources for research tasks, especially since you can add in your own text and sub-tabs. LiveBinders are easily sharable and embeddable, with options for access on varied devices (iOS, Android, Chrome, etc.). The presentation mode is also helpful, especially for something like professional development. As a teacher, it would be easy to create a template for students to copy and make their own, especially for initial or beginning use.
My Take
As mentioned by others, LiveBinders fits really well into activities that lend themselves to a tabbed structure (like sample PARCC or SBAC synthesis tasks, research projects, unit resource collections, etc.). It's easy to add URLs and the ability to collaborate, share, and embed make it fairly flexible for use in the classroom or for professional development. Adding your own content isn't as intuitive as it could be, nor is editing existing tabs. It does allow students to create an account under a teacher email address, which is nice for students who may not have school email as an option; however, having students create their own logins and passwords can be a headache for the teacher. Providing Single Sign-On or login via Google or social media accounts would greatly simplify the process.