Community Reviews for Legends of Learning


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Community Rating
Joshua C.
Mays Chapel Elementary School
Lutherville Timonium, United States
Jessica M.
St Paul's School For Girls
Brooklandville, United States
Submitted April 16, 2020
Heidi R.
Mountain View Elementary School
Haymarket, United States
Submitted April 15, 2020
Brittany M.
E. E. Waddell Language Academy
Charlotte, United States
Submitted April 15, 2020
Jacob T.
Mulberry Middle School
Mulberry, United States
Submitted April 15, 2020
Angele T.
Armando Chapa Middle School
Kyle, United States
Submitted April 15, 2020
Lorrie F.
Morton Magnet Middle School
Submitted April 15, 2020
Ron P.
Glenelg Country School
Ellicott City, United States
Submitted April 13, 2020
Kerrie B.
Sope Creek Elementary School
Marietta, United States
Submitted April 13, 2020
Cassandra K.
Ethel M Gildersleeve Middle School
Newport News, United States
Kevin S.
West Fork Middle School
West Fork, United States
Purcell Elementary School
Mulberry, United States
joshua g.
Pikesville Middle School
Pikesville, United States
Kelsie D.
Mackenzie Middle School
Lubbock, United States
Abdullah C.
Albuquerque School of Excellence
Albuquerque, United States
Chase M.
Batesville Middle School
Batesville, United States
Elaine K.
Silver Creek Middle School
Sellersburg, United States
Submitted April 18, 2019
Amy G.
New Explorations Into Science, Tech and Math School
New York, United States
Julie B.
Pioneer Elementary
Escondido, United States
Submitted February 13, 2018
Mary Jo P.
Shawano Community Middle School
Shawano, United States
Submitted February 1, 2018
Students Liked It94%
Students Learned97%