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Ellery A.
Stewartsville Elementary School
Goodview, United States
Submitted October 22, 2020
Neikeisha S.
Village of Excellence Academy
Tampa, United States
Submitted October 7, 2020
Kara M.
Greenville Public Schools
Greenville, United States
Brittany R.
Grand Rapids Adventist Academy
Grand Rapids, United States
Submitted September 15, 2020
Melissa R.
Number 5 Roebling
Roebling, United States
Submitted September 14, 2020
Cathy B.
Tolenas Elementary School
Fairfield, United States
Submitted September 9, 2020
Amber H.
Minges Brook Elementary
Battle Creek, United States
Submitted August 31, 2020
Andrew S.
Glendale Elementary School
Tonawanda, United States
Submitted August 26, 2020
Donna M.
Butner Elementary School
Cromwell, United States
Morgan K.
Flour Bluff Primary School
Corpus Christi, United States
Hunter L.
Watauga High School
Boone, United States
Stacey R.
Benjamin Foxen Elementary
Santa Maria, United States
Submitted August 17, 2020
Lauren C.
Center Street Elementary
El Segundo, United States
Rose B.
Chime Institute's Schwarzenegger Community
Woodland Hills, United States
Submitted August 10, 2020
Mike S.
Citizens Academy East (District)
Cleveland, United States
Ms. L.
Dogwood Elementary
New Caney, United States
Submitted July 29, 2020
Riitta C.
McKay Arts Academy
Fitchburg, United States
Taylor B.
Mount Pleasant Academy
Providence, United States
Submitted July 17, 2020
Mary Lou B.
Magna Vista High School
Ridgeway, United States
Submitted June 17, 2020
Fay D.
Hinsdale Middle School
Hinsdale, United States
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