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Dan S.
Academy Park High School
Sharon Hill, United States
Submitted September 19, 2019
Submitted June 4, 2019
Sarah M.
Newton County Theme School
Wendy S.
Flint Hill Elementary School
Misty S.
Rocky Plains Elementary School
Covington, United States
Submitted June 3, 2019
Kimberly A.
Heard Mixon Elementary School
Alisha D.
East Newton Elementary School
Covington, United States
Submitted June 3, 2019
Submitted April 8, 2019
Tiffani M.
Joel P Jensen Middle School
West Jordan, United States
Submitted March 3, 2019
Sara F.
Redlands Adventist Academy
Redlands, United States
Callaway High School
Hogansville, United States
Submitted August 30, 2018
Amanda W.
All Saints Academy
Winter Haven, United States
Submitted July 19, 2018
Alexis R.
La Sierra University
Riverside, United States
Submitted April 16, 2018
Natalie M.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore, United States
Capathia C.
Hebbville Elementary
Windsor Mill, United States
Submitted February 12, 2018
Tracie A.
P.S. 63 Author's Academy
Bronx, United States
Submitted December 8, 2017
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Jill L.
Submitted October 13, 2016
1 person found this useful
Submitted October 10, 2016
Blair M.
Western School of Science and Technology
Phoenix, United States
Students Liked It99%
Students Learned95%