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Submitted March 17, 2021
Brian L.
Santa Barbara Unified School District
Santa Barbara, United States
Ernest S.
Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore, United States
Submitted August 9, 2020
Submitted August 11, 2019
Nicole W.
Avanti High School
Olympia, United States
Submitted December 29, 2018
Christina H.
Olympia High School
Olympia, United States
Submitted November 12, 2018
Mia O.
Howard High School
Ellicott City, United States
Submitted April 26, 2017
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Submitted December 14, 2016
Submitted October 11, 2016
Lawrence T.
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Baltimore, United States
Cesar E.
Voyages Preparatory
Elmhurst, United States
Submitted May 25, 2016
Jian L.
Clara Barton High School
Brooklyn, United States
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Submitted March 30, 2016
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Jarrad S.
Curtin University of Technology
Bentley, Australia
Andrew Z.
Junior High School 88 Peter Rouget
Brooklyn, United States
Lisa J.
Judge Memorial Catholic High School
Salt Lake City, United States
Dena L.
Diamond Bar High School
Diamond Bar, United States
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Students Learned90%