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Great tool to get teachers to provide data entry services for FREE to a datamining industry.

Aa P.
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Setup Time 5-15 minutes
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Decided not to use it.
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I am perplexed everyone loves it -- but has anyone asked what happens to the data collected? You are providing for FREE all your students name and daily activity, participation, behavior, etc, you are doing their data collecting, but what happens to the data that you are so freely and willingly giving to a system in the ether? Data is stored forever, who buys it, who resells it? to whom they sell it? It may be a tool to alleviate your load as a teacher, but we do not know what they do with their data, we do not know what repercussions in the future the data collected (Especially about behavior) can or could be used in the future against them, we do not know who is buying it, who the resellers are and where is the data going to end up – Human resources databases? Will it affect the children acceptance to a program, a school, a company’s job? How many doors are we going to shut on them – just because they were a little crazy when they were 6 years old? How did our Teachers did it without all this tracking tools? How did we survived and completed a career without all this tracking tools and giving away personal behavioral information for FREE to a system that requires electricity to run, hardware (expensive), software developers (that are not cheap nor free), bandwidth, servers? Data Mining, a multibillion dollar industry a la Facebook and Google. Motivates you and hooks you with the FREE offer to Collect all your information, and you give it all for free, you make sure to type in accurately and not miss a detail (the ONLY thing free is their FREE data entry person --YOU) and sell it and resell it and sell it again to the highest bidder. We are just getting lazier by the minute and accepting quick fixes so we become even more lazy - and the flame war start because of the use of the "Lazy" term because we teachers are the hardest working people in the planet, and not a cent of concern for sensitive personal data disclosure and privacy for the students.