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Please don't use Classcraft for classroom management!

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My Subjects English Language Arts, English-Language Learning, Social Studies
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My Students Liked It No
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I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
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If this game gave rewards for positive behavior and changed some of their "Rules" without taking away points, it has the potential to be a useful classroom management program. I appreciate the thousands of hours that must have gone into creating the high quality graphics, but I wish they had spent more time with educators who are familiar with ways to help students with classroom behavior. Sadly, the way this is designed, it pits students against their peers who misbehave and makes that student feel horrible about themselves. Since the students are in teams, there is incredible pressure on the kids to all gain points for their teams. However, experienced educators know that despite best intentions, sometimes kids struggle academically or emotionally and they act out. It does not help those students when they then lose points and thus earn the anger of their peers and possibly cause their team to lose a battle. Kids who behave will love this game, but the kids you most want to help will be harmed by this program.I am a behavior specialist, masters level teacher and education consultant of over 30 years and I am very concerned that teachers might use this product. This sort of program assumes that students will behave well if they are motivated to behave well. All students want to behave well, but many students lack the skills they need to behave well and need additional support and skills in order to behave well- not random consequences. Random consequences, not connected to the behavior are simply punishments in disguise. Plus this game rewards students for giving the right answer. This is not what we should be doing as educators. We should be rewarding courage for trying to answer, not just rewarding the ones who answer correctly. This game also has rewards that no student should get, such as being allowed to turn in work late or rewarding them for good grades. I would be willing to help the creators of this game to tweak it so that it is actually helpful for students.
My Take
PLEASE don't use this product with your students. It is not a teaching tool- it is a reward and punishment system disguised as a cool computer game. I wish the creators would reconsider several aspects to this game so that it could actually be helpful for teachers and students. It will certainly cause your misbehaving students who struggle to control themselves to feel horrible about themselves. When students drag down their teams, Classcraft actually suggests putting those students alone in their own team. This does not help those students, it just further alienates them.