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Jose C.
Higher Ed Generic Account
Submitted February 15, 2021
Submitted February 12, 2021
Submitted February 7, 2021
Jocelyn Z.
The Magnet School of Global Studies and Leadership
Flushing, United States
Frances G.
Armstrong Elementary
Dallas, United States
Kasey B.
Ridglea Hills Elementary
Fort Worth, United States
Submitted February 1, 2019
VanessaRose W.
PS 217 Col. David Marcus School
Brooklyn, United States
Ashley G.
Essex Elementary
Essex, United States
Ravan M.
Watchung Elementary School
Montclair, United States
Diane P.
Richard H. Hungerford School
Staten Island, United States
Submitted August 9, 2018
Candace R.
Mountain View Elementary
Shelton, United States
Jenny F.
[email protected]
Astoria, United States
Virginia L.
Granville T. Woods Community Learning School 335
Brooklyn, United States
Brandy D.
Ducketts Lane Elementary School
Elkridge, United States
Submitted October 4, 2017
Steve B.
Henry Highland Garnet/PS 175M
Manhattan, United States
Students Liked It98%
Students Learned97%