Teacher Review for ABCya!

A great interactive product to reiterate content taught and great for independent work time!

Erika L.
Classroom teacher
PS 164
Brooklyn, United States
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How I Use It
Students in my class use this product when they are finished with their assignments. They use it for earned time and have the flexibility of choosing apps within this site that practice and reiterate concepts already taught and act as a great source of practice. One specific example is I use StoryMaker for the students to create stories, practice writing stories, along with the conventions of writing through typing (punctuation, capital letters and spacing). One specific thing within this program is that the students do now have the ability to go back and fix things within their sentences without deleting it, which is not practical in typing.
My Take
It is a great tool for student engagement and independent work or practice, but not exactly a teaching tool. It serves more as a tool one content is taught and students can practice independently. The students are eager to go on. It has a great mix of educational activities as well as fun activities and a huge variety.