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Mark is a lifelong gamer and technology enthusiast who's been a part of the industry since the early 2000s. A graduate of Ohio State University and a published humor book author, he became the first person to hold the title of manager of rating summaries at the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). He helped create and mold that organization's process to better educate consumers about the pertinent content in every retail video game and used that experience as a reviewer for Common Sense Media. As someone who grew up in a household where parental content ratings were strongly adhered to, Mark appreciates the value in providing as much information to parents as possible when it comes to choosing the content that's right for their families. In his house, it's not uncommon to see old episodes of NUMB3RS, Cheers, or Family Guy playing through his PS3's Netflix app.

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Mission Migration
Fun mini-games help teach about bird ecosystems
Learning rating
Community rating
Disaster Hero
Fun way to teach FEMA disaster guidelines
Learning rating Flagged for privacy concerns
Community rating Flagged for privacy concerns
The Time Tribe
History comes alive as kids time-travel to different times
Learning rating
Community rating
Roman Town
This product is no longer available.
Puzzles and mini-games make Roman history come alive
Learning rating
Community rating Not Yet Rated
Auditorium: The Online Experience
Unique game introduces angular concepts in the midst of music creation
Learning rating Flagged for privacy concerns
Community rating Flagged for privacy concerns

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