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Lake Norman Charter
Huntersville, United States
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 Currently teaching at Lake Norman Charter Middle School in North Carolina, this marks my twentieth year of middle school classroom experience.  Throughout my career I have been gifted with opportunities to teach students at both extremes of the exceptional scale, from at-risk and remediation classrooms to accelerated courses.  I have also taught in a variety of schools - small and rural, large and urban, charter and public. In spite of their differences, I believe the same rules apply to teaching all kids: Everyone thrives when you see and celebrate their capabilities and encourage growth. To that end, I am always on the hunt for ways to help students embrace their inner mathematicians, especially in my current position as the remediation teacher for 5th through 8th grade. Also, since I love to share my experiences and new discoveries, I have been fortunate to have led several technology-related professional development workshops as well as to have served as a coach for other math teachers.

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