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Vanessa A.
Classroom teacher
Redlands East Valley High School
Redlands, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Social Studies

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Hello! I'm an educator, probably just like you, that's constantly looking for engaging and effective learning practices. Within the scope of teaching each social studies course from sixth grade to seniors, I've also taught various English learner levels and advanced placement courses. I had the privilege of helping pioneer the Telepresence program in our district, which connects campuses across the district in real time through technology. Utilizing Telepresence, I proposed and currently advise a unified online student publication for multiple high schools in our district. My experiences in secondary public education for the past 15 years in San Bernardino County, California have further developed my emphasis on inclusive teaching that addresses and honors various learning styles and levels.

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The 1619 Project
Striking resources can add depth, rigor to lessons on slavery's legacy
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Annenberg Classroom
Civics website makes teaching the Constitution manageable, meaningful
Common Sense says
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Eagle Eye Citizen
Simple, customizable primary source puzzles lack some supports
Common Sense says
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East of the Rockies
AR experience offers moving insight into tragic history of internment
Common Sense says
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Model Diplomacy
Students become foreign policy experts in this real-world simulation
Common Sense says
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Timeline tool is useful but limited for coding novices
Common Sense says
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