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As an education consultant, Jamie creates curriculum and professional development content for teachers. Prior to consulting, Jamie was senior manager of educator professional learning programs at Common Sense and taught middle school English in Oakland, California. For the 2016–2017 school year, Jamie received an Excellence in Teaching award and was one of three finalists for Teacher of the Year in Oakland Unified School District. While teaching, Jamie also successfully implemented a $200,000 school-wide blended-learning program funded by the Rogers Family Foundation and led professional development on a wide range of teaching strategies. Jamie holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from Eugene Lang College and a master's degree in philosophy and education from Teacher' College at Columbia University. Jamie currently lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil with his 4-year-old son, Malcolm, and his partner, Marijke.

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Teachers' Essential Guide to Formative Assessment
posted on June 25, 2020
How can I use formative assessment to plan instruction and help students drive their own learning?
Teacher Absent? How Tech Can Bridge the Gap
posted on February 14, 2020
Empower subs and students to make the most of your sick days.
Teachers' Essential Guide to Coding in the Classroom
posted on December 6, 2019
Why teach coding? Who should teach it? And how can teachers get started? Get tips on how to bring coding into your classroom.
Teachers' Essential Guide to Teaching with Technology
posted on November 26, 2019
How do I get the most out of using tech in the classroom?
How to Help Your Students Build Digital Fluency
posted on February 13, 2018
Model balanced media use by infusing tech into class routines.

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Cooperative tool provides accountability to group writing projects
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Comprehensive discussion platform develops critical-thinking skills
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Get Media L.I.T.
Vibrant, quality comics anchor basic but good media literacy lessons
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