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Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts, World Languages

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I'm a doctoral researcher with a devoted interest in education technology, including experience building and testing learning applications and hardware for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. My primary goal is to promote lifelong learning, curiosity, creativity, and social problem solving in a world where technology is pervasive in nearly every aspect of our lives. 

I've been fascinated with teaching and learning since discovering a passion for math and helping others learn math as a Calculus student in high school. Teaching night classes and middle school workshops as an undergrad ushered me towards a career as a teacher, which I pursued through a Master's degree in teaching. I began my formal teaching career in a magnet high school for design and technology careers, and continued for five more years in public magnet high schools schools for international studies and fine arts in San Antonio, Texas and New Haven, Connecticut. During summers I taught college prep programs and intensive GRE study classes, while working to hone my curriculum for the coming years. 

Before long, I started to wonder how high school math might be re-imagined to better endow young adults with meaningful skills and curiosity-driven problem solving abilities. This led me to doctoral studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Since beginning this journey four years ago, I’ve researched math teaching across the grades, consulted with schools as they made the transition to Common Core, developed powerful statistical models to understand the relationship between how we teach and how students learn, and worked to create innovative learning experiences for tablet computers. In my education technology research, I’ve downloaded, played all the way through, and painstakingly analyzed hundreds of learning apps. 

Beyond my life as an educator and researcher, I’m also a gamer, DJ, gadget-lover, graphic designer and fine artist, de facto tech support guy, and musician. I’ve also just had a kiddo join my family, so I guess I have to add parent to that list. I’m excited to curate a world of meaningful experiences for my own child, just as I work to do the same for learners young and old across the world.  

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