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John currently teaches college composition, grammar, and English classes at De Anza College. He is also finishing up his doctorate in English literature. New to the Bay Area, John continues to try to figure out San Francisco and how all the highways work. In addition to the topography of the Bay Area's highway system, he is interested in the ways media and technologies can affect lives for the better and the common good. Particularly engaged with media as an educator, John has always been eager to implement and integrate media and technology into the classroom, which at this point merely mirrors the constancy of media and tech already quite extant in kids' socially networked lives! In addition to his dissertation, teaching, his beautiful child, Benjamin, and media and tools (and media and tools for Benjamin), John flip-flops between thinking about a future in education and a future in the private sector, contributes to a blog and podcast about parenting from a father's perspective, and devours all things that have to do with games, media, technology, the English language, and Premier League soccer. 

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Offworld Trading Company
Rare, combat-free strategy game focused on trade, finance
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The Political Machine 2016
Presidential campaign simulator is easy to play, fun to learn
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Collaborate, brainstorm in real time with easy-to-use online whiteboard
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Project Spark
This product is no longer available.
Powerful, complex introduction to coding and game design
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Community rating Not Yet Rated
Inventive, interactive short story puzzles, scares, and delights
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Free video-remix tool boosts media literacy, presents some challenges
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