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David Thomas is videogame journalist, critic and teacher. He co-authored the "Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual" blogs about games and architecture at www.buzzcut.com and has written for magazines such as EDGE, Electronic Gaming Monthly and WIRED. He teaches courses covering the history of digital media, videogame studies and created a unique class that used games to teach students about urban planning. He earned his PhD in architecture and planning focusing on the question, "What makes a place fun?” He currently runs the Fun Objects Laboratory, a research group interested in the creation of the tools to make life fun! He is also the Director of Academic Technology at CU Online at the University of Colorado Denver, where he oversees various teaching and learning technologies.

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Taken Charge
Computer skills game fills niche, won’t electrify learning
Learning rating
Community rating Not Yet Rated
LEGO Mindstorms Fix the Factory
Program robots, solve puzzles with neat but basic LEGO game
Learning rating
Community rating Not Yet Rated
Hakitzu Elite: Robot Hackers
Code-fueled robot battles err on the side of engagement
Learning rating
Community rating Not Yet Rated
The Migrant Trail
This product is no longer available.
Realistic role-play of illegal immigration near the U.S./Mexico border
Learning rating
Community rating Not Yet Rated
Drag-and-drop programming is an effective intro for budding coders
Learning rating
Community rating
Contraption Maker
Solve problems, puzzles, brain teasers while creating wacky machines
Learning rating
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