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Chad S.
Classroom teacher
Shelburne Middle School
Staunton, United States
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I teach language arts at a traditional, "micropolitan" middle school in Staunton, Virginia.

I believe in making stuff with kids as a pathway to reading, writing, and problem-solving in community. I am co-founder and moderator of the collaborative progressive education blog CoöpCatalyst and I recently began work on #nerdcamp, which offers teachers peer-to-peer and student-mentored professional development in new media. I am a National Board Certified Teacher in early adolescence English/language Arts, a NETS*T certified teacher, a Mozilla Webmaker Mentor, and a National Writing Project teacher consultant and connected learning ambassador. I blog about make/hack/play education on my webpage,, and as a guest at sites like the National Writing Project's Digital Is.

I live in central Virginia with my wife, our two kids, our two cats, and eight (so far) fish. When I'm not teaching or blogging about education, I'm noodling around with code, playing with the kids, or enjoying their soccer games.

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Minecraft or MinecraftEdu at School? Pros, Cons, and What it's Great For
posted on September 24, 2013
Check out the benefits of using Minecraft in the classroom.

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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
Venerable Civ series returns to space with a mix of old, new mechanics
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Media-literacy site has strong material, weak gameplay
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Custom-designed civic engagement game helps kids make local impact
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Well-rendered 3D geometric world needs purpose to reach its potential
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PeaceMaker: Israeli Palestinian Conflict
Compelling test of kids' empathy and problem-solving skills
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Democracy 3
Nuanced political sim about the balancing act of government
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