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Amanda has been making and thinking about media since the late 90’s when the Internet was the "web" and CD-ROMs were the wave of the future. She has worked in media for the last twenty years, including making some of the first websites online and contributing to visual effects movies like Star Wars II and Spider-Man 2. At MIT’s Comparative Media Studies Master’s program she transitioned into higher education with work on innovative new media and education projects like New Media Literacies and collaborations between MIT, the New York Times, and NBC News. She now works as an online course designer, freelance animator, and college educator when she's not working at her other full-time job -- mother to her two enthusiastic sons.

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Robust tool helps teachers find, create, and maximize video content
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Flashcard-like notes can help; more functionality could boost learning
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Comment Bubble
Customizable video-response tool allows easy, if limited, student feedback
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Targeted discussions can help make video content more interactive
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Presentation and student-response system good for BYOD, 1-to-1 classrooms
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Athena's Workshop
Texting platform for students, parents, has extra classroom features
Learning rating Flagged for privacy concerns
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