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Seann serves Common Sense Media as an occasional reviewer and consultant for both educational gaming and serious games. He's also an assistant professor of educational technologies at Ohio University and the director of GamingMatter Labs, a research and design community. Seann previously worked as a high school principal and middle school social studies teacher for a combined 14 years. He's interested a balanced and wise integration of gaming into both formal and informal settings. In his spare time, he's a sucker for historical strategy games and Words with Friends. He has a doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a master's degree from Bethel University.

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Good introduction to Newton's laws lacks hooks to grab students
Common Sense says
Teachers say
Quantum Spectre
Bounce laser beams to learn light's properties
Common Sense says
Teachers say
Cast spells with JavaScript in a game world where code is magic
Common Sense says
Teachers say Not Yet Rated
This product is no longer available.
Be a virus, invade the human, and learn
Common Sense says
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Ko's Journey
Story-based game with math puzzles feels like work
Common Sense says
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Blood Typing Game
Emergency room action a great vehicle for learning about trial and error
Common Sense says
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