Updated September 2015

Zinn Education Project: Women's History

Take a closer look at the role of women in United States history

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Zinn's Women's History collection is a powerful tool to help students understand the complex and important role that women have played in United States history. Teaching activities examine key events and tell the stories of women who challenged the status quo to promote powerful changes in society. Teachers should review the resources and find lessons to supplement their curriculum. Many of the activities address how women contributed to the labor movement while others highlight key people and events related to the fight for women’s rights. The recommended books and films (available for purchase online) will add depth to relevant units. For example, Standing on My Shoulders is a documentary that highlights courageous Mississippi women during the civil rights movement, and Bobbin Girl is a book for upper elementary about the textile industry. Many of the lessons are aligned to various chapters in Zinn's A People's History of the United States.

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