Updated October 2015

Zinn Education Project: Immigration

Examine current and past challenges faced by U.S. immigrants

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  • Social Studies

  • Critical Thinking
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The resources on immigration include free teaching activities and books and films for purchase. The materials are aligned with Zinn’s book, A People’s History of the United States, and the lessons incorporate his ideas and/or the text into the curriculum. Some lessons are geared toward specific immigrant groups, such as "Caribbean Connections" and "The Line Between Us" (about Mexican immigration). Other activities focus on events and issues related to the immigrant experience. For example, in one lesson, students examine photographs to spark creative writing about child labor and social justice, and in another activity, students participate in a role play of the Homestead Steel strike. The recommended films are powerful tools for engaging students, and many of them have links to additional teaching materials to accompany classroom use. 

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