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Use WorkFlowy to get students focused on the task

Sue T.
Senior Program Manager, Education Foundation/nonprofit member
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How I Use It
In addition to the usual ways one would use an organizational tool to outline a project or to-do list, You can use this to help students focus and keep on task with a lesson plan. I made a sharable Google Doc with a project template and had my students copy it into their own WorkFlowy accounts. From there, they could modify their own versions to customize and add their own details. It helps them focus on the lesson objectives for the day and take their own notes to take ownership of their own learning. The same template sharing method could be used for larger projects or anything that needs to be tackled one step at a time.
My Take
Not only can this be an instructional tool that helps support students through a lesson, but you are modeling the step by step process it takes to get through any task. Making a list of items to be done, providing the details to complete the task, and keeping yourself organized are essential executive function tasks. This tool supports students through that in a clean, easy to follow way. The space is limited in the free version, but WorkFlowy makes it easy to get started and begin with students. It's great! The tutorials are also very helpful to get started.