Teacher Review for Wordle

Interesting and unique way to publish vocabulary and emphasis the most important words

Amy B.
Classroom teacher
South Park Elementary Center
South Park, United States
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How I Use It
I began my year teaching technology by having my 4th grade students create a Wordle. We brainstormed all the words that they think of when they think "Technology," and then they decided which were the most important and typed them in multiple times. For example, some felt Internet was the most important word, while others thought it was computer or phone. They all turned out looking like original pieces of art and are displayed in our classroom and hallway. I had my 2nd grade class do a similar activity during Christmas. They brainstormed all the words surrounding the holiday and created a Wordle to decorate the halls. This website was helpful in my classroom for vocabulary building purposes. I am going to have the 4th grade class complete the same assignment at the end of the year to compare with their Wordle from the beginning of the year. I am hoping that their thoughts and views on Technology have been broadened and deepened. I will be able to see this growth quickly by comparing their two Wordle projects. The upsides of this website are that you do not need to sign in or share any personal information. It is an easy website to use and quickly creates an excellent product. The downside is that you cannot save and then edit your project. The student needs to finish the activity in one sitting. They can save it to a pdf at the end, but they cannot edit their work.
My Take
Wordle is an excellent tool because it is free and you do not need to sign up or enter any personal information to use it. Even students with very limited understanding of how to use a computer are able to create a Wordle that looks like something a professional created. It helps students to make decisions about the most important words surrounding a topic by typing them in multiple times, it changes the size of the words. It is obvious then that the bigger words were what the student thought was most important. I used this website in Technology class, but can see it being used throughout the curriculum for various purposes.