Teacher Review for Whyville

Great Tool for Older Students, Not for Preschoolers

Adrienne D.
Early childhood education provider
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Knowledge gain
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
I used this product to gain insight to its operation. I found that it would be a great tool in the classroom for older students. My preschool students could use it but I would have to guide them step by step. I could use it for them to see the different career choices and the salary and duties each has. This is a great tool for Career Day or the study of community helpers. The little that I did cover with my students did work and they were very interested in the duties and what each job had to do.
My Take
My overall opinion about this product as a teaching tool is that it took time for me to understand it. I was very lost at first as to how to work it and how to use it effectively. I wish it came with a real tutorial that was better helpful then the current one offered. However, once I did get acquainted with it I was able to work it very easily and found quite a bit of wonderful resources. One thing I like is it offers a safety lesson. As a teacher I had to verify myself and then once I was verified I was allowed on the site. So if you are interested give it about 3 to 8 days before you are allowed on. You then can register your students but I do not think it is appropriate for students under the age of 6 years old.