Teacher Review for VoiceThread

Great Visual Presentations for Greek Myth and Spanish Projects

Katie L.
Media specialist/librarian
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How I Use It
I currently support two different class projects that use Voicethread. I collaborate with our Spanish teacher to have her students create "Mejor Amigo" projects where they discuss how they are similar or different from their favorite celebrity. This has proven to be a great way to have students utilize their Spanish speaking skills without needing to speak in front of the whole class. We used the Voicethread for Education paid account for this project this year and had major problems. Some computers would not allow the Spanish teacher or I to access student projects, while others would. The solution given to us by Voicethread was to download Google Chrome and only use that. Once we downloaded Google Chrome things seemed to work better. I also recommend that you invest in some headsets with microphones for this program, it helps remove most side noises from appearing on the recording. I have also used Voicethread with 6th grade Language Arts classes as a way to showcase their learning about a Greek mythological figure. Voicethread allows students to record their voice, record a video and type commentary too. All of our students were able to use the program and create a final product! Even my more soft-spoken students were comfortable using Voicethread. For this project I only had 5 students recording in the computer lab at a time, this seemed to help with the background noise.
My Take
I have been a big fan of Voicethread for several years now. I think it enables students to express themselves in creative ways and can be a more comfortable presentation tool for some than speaking in front of a group live. I would recommend that you only attempt to use Voicethread with Google Chrome, otherwise you may experience difficulties. I also would recommend purchasing an educational account - particularly for the teacher's sake. It is much easier to access and grade Voicethreads when they are all in one place, the educational account does that for you.