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Free tool highlights selected parts of videos, edits out the rest

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Vibby is a simple and free tool for teachers who want to show only portions of a video clip. Start by pasting a link to a video from YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, Twitch, or another service. Then you can highlight the portions of the video you want students to see, and Vibby will cut the rest out. There are options to combine highlighted clips together, and you can switch back and forth between the selected clips and the full video. In addition, teachers can write text descriptions for the clips that students will see as they watch. Videos can be shared via a link, embedded in a website, or shared on social media. 

Use Vibby to help students focus on what's most important in a video clip by removing unnecessary or inappropriate information. Even though you'll be cutting out portions of the video you don't want students to see, keep in mind that videos will autoplay another random video after they've ended. Since many of the user-created videos aren't educational in nature, you'll probably want to show the videos only when you're present. 

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